Innovate Your Flipped Classroom with Zaption

By Molli Carter
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Owens Campus

When flipping the classroom, how do you keep your students engaged?

How do you ensure they have understood the material?

As flipping the classroom becomes more and more prevalent, the choices available to make the process more effective continue to grow. Many faculty have used technology such as Google Forms and websites like to do that. There is another player on the field, and this player is worthy of exploration.

Enter Zaption.

Zaption is a free interactive video tool that is perfect for the blended or flipped classroom environment. While watching a video, students will get a pop-up to the side of their screen that either asks a question or adds more background to what is being discussed on screen.

As you look to become innovative this year, consider Zaption as one of your tools.  It will take already made videos and add images, text, or questions, making the content more interactive and deepening student understanding in the process.

Explore some lessons that teachers (and students!) have created using Zaption, and start using it to add innovation into an already innovative experience.

Figurative Language Example

Annotating Math Problems

The Physics of Slinkies


3 thoughts on “Innovate Your Flipped Classroom with Zaption

  1. Molli, thanks for this post. I have used Playposit (formerly Educanon) in a similar way, but this seems like it might be better. I have also used it to start a classroom discussion — the video stops when I want students to think about something, and then we can talk about it and continue the video. I am curious to check this one out more.


  2. Molli,

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Do you know if you can integrate this with blackboard in anyway? For example, could you store the questions, answers, and/or student scores in blackboard?


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