Welcome to Forward Thinking

Ish Stabosz - Time for Change

By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

I’m happy to announce a long awaited update to your favorite teaching and learning blog. That’s right. We’ve got a new name.

From this point forward Ask CCIT will be known as Forward Thinking.

Believe it or not, Ask CCIT has been running since 2012, and in the days since its inception, the blog has evolved. It has become a voice, not only for CCIT staff, but also for faculty.

Because we want to focus even more on the important lessons and resources that faculty have to share, we feel the name Ask CCIT no longer reflects the mission of the blog.

The title Forward Thinking envisions an audience and a body of contributors who are on the cutting edge of pedagogy–readers and writers who love to play with the newest ed tech, stay current with the latest research, and practice the most promising instructional strategies,

Our new tagline–Educate. Innovate. Together.communicates what the blog has become and what we hope it will continue to flourish as: a place where CCIT facilitates conversations among educators about what matters most in teaching and learning.

For the moment our blog will still be located at askccit.wordpress.com, and you can continue to share your resources on Twitter with the hashtag #askccit. We’ll be changing both of those in due time, and you’ll be sure to get an update when we do.

Thanks for following and helping the blog continue to grow into an inspiring online water cooler for educators.

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