You Gotta Be in it to Win it

Ish Stabosz - lottery

By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

I’ve never really been much of a lottery player. I do remember, however, getting a scratch-off ticket every now and then for a birthday when I was a kid.

I remember how fun it was to immediately know whether or not I had won, simply with the scratch of a penny.

The exhilaration of scratching away silver paint to reveal a secret is just one of the reasons that Epstein Education’s IF-AT forms are so successful. IF-AT stands for “Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique”, and this innovative quizzing tool capitalizes on educational research that shows that students learn more when they receive feedback more quickly.

In a nut shell, the IF-AT is a scratch-off multiple choice form. If students get the answer right, they see a star beneath the silver paint. If the box they scratch is blank, then students can try again until they learn the right answer. This allows for something generally impossible in traditional multiple choice tests: partial credit. Not to mention, the IF-AT is just a heck of a lot of fun to use.

To see what the IF-AT looks like in action, check out Epstein’s video:

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