Wednesday Words of Wisdom 2/4/2014

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

This week’s words of wisdom come from David LaFazia, in the Energy Technologies Department at the Owens Campus:

As our [Owens] Campus Director, Dr. Ileana Smith, has often pointed out, “It is really all about relationships.” Whether you look at people as companions or as resources, this holds true. For me, Delaware Tech means friendship, personal responsibility, and stewardship towards those who trust you to lead them along the right paths. It is about being a team player. One of the most pivotal lessons which I have learned in my four years as a full-time instructor here is that it’s not about standing out as a *unique* individual and broadening your self-portrait. Rather, it is about finding how you can *uniquely* fit in and contribute to the bigger picture. Take the time to build up your relationships and add to your friends, here. Then, when right and fitting opportunities come your way to serve, take them. You’re never on your own.

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