Wednesday Words of Wisdom 12/31/2014

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

This week’s words of wisdom come from Debra Troxler, a Financial Aid Officer for the Stanton/George Campus:

An article called The Power of Teacher Encouragement from states “encouragement is powerful”.


The article invites teachers to try encouragement in and outside of the classroom and reminds me of the phrase “You never know when one kind act or one word of encouragement will change a life forever”.


I recall a conversation that I had with a professor in college during my final semester. Amid the discussion, he encouraged me to apply to the Masters in Counseling program at the college, a program that I had not given much thought to, but he detected a skill in me that I did not notice in myself. Due to his encouragement and support, I applied and graduated from the program, and it changed the course of my life.


We all have the ability to encourage others, it may just be the motivation needed to make a positive impact on an individual’s life. Rob Liano said it best: “Encouraging others can be the catalyst to unleashing their greatness.”

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